Over 300 facilities trust the Op 36 network and player development platform to help them create more golfers, drive revenue, and grow the game.


Operation 36 is a network of golf facilities who believe to grow the game, we need to do a better job introducing and retaining golfers in the sport. We accomplish this through high-quality player development programming that is motivating and measurable!

Network facilities can leverage the Operation 36 Playing Format for all golfers (juniors and adults) and have access to the entire Player Development Platform to track golfer progress and organize programs.  This includes pre-built programs, player development software, staff training resources, as well as our corporate support team and network.

All network facilities help each other grow their programs by sharing ideas in our network events, online forums, and by voting on platform features that will help your team run better player development programs.



Pre-Built Programs

Build a camp, clinic, or long-term weekly program with full video lesson plans with just a click of a button!  Plug in your dates, and the web app keeps your staff on the same page, while handling registration & marketing.

Program Software

Use our web and mobile app to organize and engage your golfers with email and push notifications.  Track player progress while increasing rounds by turning your programs into social group challenges.

Program Training

What happens if your coach on staff leaves? Our online video training, in-person network events, certifications, and program consultants are here to work with your team to ensure you always have a trained staff member.

Support Network

Each facility in the network has a Player Development Consultant that you can reach out to or setup a call anytime.  We are here to save your team time & brainstorm on increasing facility revenue through player development programs.



Operation 36 Golf

    Love that they can deliver higher quality programs and provide tools to engage members and make them participate more at the facility.

  • Public Facilities

    Love that their staff has a turn-key player development program that drives rounds by teaching new and experienced golfers how to PLAY the game.


  • Golf Facility Managers

    General Managers love that their adults and juniors are receiving more value through higher quality player development programs. With the platform centered on engaging families to play the game, it increases facility usage and revenue.

  • Head Professionals

    Head Professionals love that their staff’s programs are planned down to the minute and organized in their own custom web portal.  By having the pre-built plans, it saves months of planning, and can allow staff to focus on improving other area of the operation.

  • Teaching Professionals

    Teaching Professionals love that they can track the skill development of a new golfer, while providing a a clear and organized experience to students.  Teachers can easily see all actions students are taking to improve their game and turn programs into custom challenges.

  • Assistant Professionals

    Assistant Professionals love that they have an organized plan for running junior camps, clinics, or any type of instruction program to a high level.  It also allows ease of communication with families throughout each program with the email and push notification features.

  • Parents

    Parents love that there is an organized structure to your programs and now have the tools to track their junior golfers development.  From communication updates to the player profile in web and mobile app, parents love the transparency of viewing their juniors goals and tracking progress.

  • Golfers (Juniors & Adults)

    Golfers love that they can connect with friends in your private social feed & compete in social challenges by logging actions they are taking to improve their game.  All Play, Train, Goals, and Social actions logged at the club are tracked in one spot for the golfer and provides a clear roadmap to improve.


Program & Software

Absolutely.  Our team will help you build your programs in your own custom player development community and help organize lesson plans.  Your team will have one hub to know what they are doing in all programs down to the minute.  The software platform will also allow you to organize and communicate with all of your golfers in one spot.

Take your current programs to another level by turning your programs into a challenge with a leaderboard and activity feed.  Give out a prize to the golfers who are engaged at your facility and taking the most actions to improve their game.

Your dedicated player development consultant is here to help all year, and you will have access to all training materials and our other Pre-Built Programs as well.  Take bits and pieces from the pre-built programs to enhance your programs each year!

The Operation 36 Program is a turn-key, 6 level curriculum (72 goals/learning objectives) that your staff can utilize if you want to provide your golfers with measurable learning objectives.

If you build a program and select Operation 36 as your curriculum, it will attach our 6 levels of video goals to your golfers profiles who join the program.  Our pre-built lesson plans and training will show you how to deliver the program in a group setting and test golfers on the goals.

Once they complete the goals you can mark them complete on their profile. It will not only congratulate them in the feed, but your golfers will earn points and move up your community leaderboard.  The 6 level curriculum was designed to mesh perfectly with our Operation 36 Playing Component and can be used for your junior or adult programs.

Nope.  You can choose to build any type of program in the platform.  If you choose not to use the curriculum, your golfers will not be issued the 6 level of goals.  This is perfect for when you run other programs like PGA Junior League or a custom program you have built from scratch.

Soon!  Coming in 2018, you can build your own curriculum of goals and attach them to programs.  This will allow your golfers to track progress through your own custom levels.  We recommended joining and learning the system so you can assemble and begin building your curriculum content now!

Yep.  You have a couple options because we understand the importance of being able to quickly update your golfers in case of ill weather or program updates:

  1. Blast Email – You can send an blast email from the web and mobile app to the golfers in your programs.
  2. Post in Activity Feed – Use the mobile app to post in activity feed and send a push notification to your golfers phones.
  3. Comment on Activity – Comment on your golfers activity in the feed and it will send them a push notification as well.

Yes! The app was built primarily to keep track of player data from the different divisions on the course.  Golfers earn points in your community when they log play sessions.  You as a coach can view their scores from each division and it will automatically track strokes lost as well.

Yes. Golfers can log regular rounds as well. They just need to plug in the appropriate yardage.  All the stats come back to the player profile and will be exposed in more depth in 2018.

Training & Support

Every facility in the network gets access to our updated Activities, Drills, Templates, and Resources that you can leverage to enhance their programs.  From Marketing Templates to your daily lesson plans we have you covered!  Schedule a demo and we will show you.

First, we have our Operation 36 Express Setup is 2 hours of training videos that your staff can watch to learn how we use the Operation 36 Program to structure camps, clinics, and long-term programs.  If you are interested in plugging in your current programs to the platform, you can skip this training.

Second, we have software training videos that your team can leverage to make sure you are getting the most out of your app.

Third, we have online and live Operation 36 Certifications scheduled if your staff wants to learn more about building engaging short and long-term player development programs with the Operation 36 Framework.

Each facility is assigned a Player Development Consultant that you can reach out to via email or schedule a private call Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST. It is like having a remote player development team, that can guide you from our experiences, and also brainstorm ideas for your facility and market!

Of course!  Your team lead can join our Private Facebook group to ask programming questions, share ideas, and stay up to date on the network and platform updates.

The Operation 36 Certification is an 8 hour online training that will provide any golf professionals with a foundation on building engaging short and long-term group coaching programs for all ages and abilities.  We cover our structure of leveraging Academy Classes, Operation 36 Matches, Supervised Practice, the Operation 36 Curriculum, and the principles of gamification so your staff can create engaging programs with a purpose.  We are also offering some live events for select locations as well.

Yep!  We have ones that you can use that are specific to the Operation 36 Program.  From communicating to pricing ideas, all is included with your facility membership. We are consistently adding new templates for the network to use like Parent Caddy Training, Indoor Activities, and much more!

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