Welcome 2018! Dallas, TX hosts 1st training of the New Year!


Chip Graham, PGA at The Tribute in Colony, TX hosted the founders of Operation 36 Golf for a live player development training day on Monday, January 8th.  Golf Professionals from around the country came and earned 8 MSR Credits while learning how to create engaging player development programs that will introduce and retain golfers of all ages & abilities in the sport.

Professionals from as far away as Pennsylvania flew in for the 1-day training.  Time in the morning was spent in the classroom discussing some of the lessons learned by Matt and Ryan from the over 3,000 Academy Classes they have taught over the last 9 years.  Lunch was followed by the running of an actual Academy class with professionals in attendance being the students.

“It’s always great to put the golf professionals in the students shoes and experience a class.  They always have such good questions to ask about the mechanics of how we run a class and how we incorporate gamification mechanics into every little thing we do.  I think it is some of the most valuable time we spend during the certifications.” -Ryan Dailey, Operation 36 Co-Founder-

“I would highly recommend the Operations 36 Certification to another interested golf professional. I really enjoyed how you all explained your progress because every golf professional that had ever run a junior golf program can honestly relate. Seeing your growth and development with this program shows helps fellow golf professional run, manage and operate a more efficient and successful player development program for everyone, not just juniors.”

-Maulana Dotch, PGA | Cedar Crest Golf Course, Dallas, TX, USA

“The Certification is definitely worth it. The Operation 36 program is well worth learning and you’ll learn many things from the hosts and other golf professionals in attendance that you can apply to your teaching right away..”

-Will Haughey, PGA | Gentle Creek Country Club, Prosper, TX, USA

After lunch, time was spent diving into learning more about gamification and progress tracking.  The tables were turned in the afternoon when the golf professionals in attendance were challenged in small groups to come up with highly engaging games/drills using the game mechanics discussed.

“The comment that I remember from Dallas was, ‘I didn’t realize how hard this is,’ when we had the coaches create games and try to use game mechanics.  We understand it takes time to create highly engaging games and that’s why we have so many pre-built for golf pro’s to use.” -Matt Reagan, Operation 36 Co-Founder-

Matt & Ryan are the 2013 and 2014 Carolinas PGA Junior Golf Leader Award Recipients, and have over 200 golf facilities leveraging the Operation 36 Player Development Platform to create golfers,  drive revenue, and grow the game.

“This certification helped me realize building a junior golf program/academy is not nearly as difficult as I thought. This really opened my eyes and helped me think different. Also – this platform is still developing which means it will only get better.”

– Dallas Area Golf Professional

Next Training Day:

The Tribute Golf Club

Colony, Texas, USA

January 8th, 2018

Operation 36 Golf is offering a winter promotion that packages together their online Level 1 Operation 36 Golf Certification and a live training day at The Tribute Golf Club in Colony, TX.  Registrants will be issued an online account and get instant access to over 6 hours of video content to become Operation 36 Certified.  The live training day at The Tribute will cover an array of topics from the online certification and show professionals how to apply in their operation for 2018.
PGA members will receive 8 MSR Education Credits and LPGA Members will receive 4 Non-LPGA Credits for attending the live training day.   (NOTE: Operation 36 is not a PGA/LPGA endorsed program, but supports both organizations growth of the game efforts.)


HAVE QUESTIONS OR WANT HELP REGISTERING?  Email Andrew Strom at Andrew@op36golf.com