Operation 36 is changing the way golf is taught at over 125 facilities


Can you shoot the score of 36 (even par) or better for 9 holes from full tee-box?

Unless you are in the top 1% of golfers around the world the answer is probably no. Over 125 golf facilities across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia are changing the way golfers learn to play with the Operation 36 Golf Program. The end goal of the program is simple; Shoot even par (score of 36) or better for 9 holes from your full tee-box!

Golfers of all ages and abilities can join a player development community led by passionate golf professionals.  Each golfer works through 6 levels of development in group Academy Classes and plays in Operation 36 Matches. The program is centered around playing the game and challenging golfers to see where they can shoot the target score of 36 (par for 9 holes) from on the course.

How does it work?

Each golfer starts in Division 1 and plays 9 holes from 25 yards from the hole (225 yard course). When the golfer can shoot 36 or better they progress to Division 2 and play their next round from 50 yards from the hole. This process continues through 6 divisions until the golfer beats the challenge of shooting 36 (par or better) from their full tee-box.

  • The Op 36 platform has transformed our junior golf program at Carmel.  With the long-term program in place combining academy classes, supervised practice, and the Op 36 matches - we are developing golfers who want to stick with the game outside of coming to class.  The fact that there is a roadmap laid in front of the junior that will allow them to shoot even par golf makes that goal seem much more achievable.  We feel lucky to be a part of the Op 36 team!

    Maggie Simons, PGA
    Maggie Simons, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Op 36 is how I wish I learned to play golf.

    Lauren Brescacin, PGA of Canada
    Lauren Brescacin, PGA of Canada Assistant Professional
  • Op 36 will no doubt be the flagship for family golf programs around the world.

    Jimmy Hamilton, PGA
    Jimmy Hamilton, PGA Teaching Professional
  • If you're looking to create family golf at your facility, this is the way to do it.

    Christy Longfield, PGA
    Christy Longfield, PGA Director of Instruction
  • I had a mom tell me that Op 36 has transformed her son. Usually he does programs for a week and doesn't want to continue going to class. She said with Op 36, he's excited to show up every week!

    Sarah Bidney, PGA
    Sarah Bidney, PGA Director of Instruction
  • I've been meeting with my PGA members, and can't help but share Op 36 with them.

    Keith Soriano, PGA
    Keith Soriano, PGA Assistant Executive Director, Colorado PGA
  • What a fantastic program.  The kids love it, and so do I.

    Rob Noel, PGA
    Rob Noel, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Operation 36 is a super impressive platform, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

    Kevin Britt, PGA
    Kevin Britt, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Through Op36, we are giving golf professionals a way to have a significant impact at their facility by increasing the number of students in player development and increasing revenue.

    Ryan Dailey
    Ryan Dailey Co-Creator, Operation 36

The Curriculum generic & Technology

To provide a roadmap for golfers to improve their skills and score on the course, the program also contains 6 levels, each level containing 12 objectives. Golfers are taught these objectives by golf professionals in weekly programs. Once achieved, the professional marks the objective complete in the Operation 36 Mobile App. The mobile app is the central hub where golfers can view their objectives, log when they play and train, connect with their friends in a social activity feed, and have friendly competitions using the community leaderboards feature.

The golf professional leads and communicates with their player development communities through the app and keeps track of golfers stats to make sure they are improving and progressing in the program.

  • Our mission at Operation 36 is to develop programs that would not only be a better onboarding experience for new golfers to learn to play the game, but also challenge any golfer who has not been able to shoot 36 or better from their full tee-box. By building player development communities focused on playing the game, and setting small achievable goals for each golfer to complete, we believe Op 36 provides a better environment for golfers to learn and improve their game.

    Matt Reagan
    Matt Reagan Co-Founder, Operation 36

Founded by PGA Professionals Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan in 2009, Operation 36 was released to golf professionals to integrate at their club in early 2016. Since then, it has been one of the fastest growing long-term golf coaching programs around the world. As of June 2017, Operation 36 is being implemented at over 125 facilities with over 4,000 golfers participating! Additional facilities are joining the network daily and using the Operation 36 Platform to launch new camps, clinics, and long-term programs for complete beginners as well as advanced golfers.

  • We are very optimistic about the growth of the program and having an impact on creating new golfers and growing the game. Nothing excites us more than watching complete beginners becoming life-long golfers, and now we can measure it. It is why we became golf professionals and we always thought there could be a better way to onboard and retain golfers in the sport. When golfers feel they are not good at the sport, it is easy to try it once, then pack it in and never play again. We make golfers see success early and often and are excited for the potential impact the program can have moving forward.

    Ryan Dailey, PGA
    Ryan Dailey, PGA Operation 36 Golf

The golf facilities that have joined the Op 36 Network are serious about providing high quality player development programming and having an impact on growing the game. Late summer and fall programs may be available near you! If you are looking for a fun and social experience for your family to learn the game of golf, use the resources below.