Every tool you need to motivate students, track progress, build a community and manage your academy.

Community Web Portal

The Operation 36 Software starts with your very own Custom Web Community Portal. This is where you can send families and students to register for your facility programs and enroll in your classes. Students will be able to see active classes, and you will be able to manage students in your programs.

Email & Communication

What happens when you need to cancel a class because it is lightning out! What about weekly updates and marketing information? The Operation 36 Web app allows you to send marketing emails to your database, or weekly updates to specific classes to make sure your students are up to date.

Student Progress Tracking

The Operation 36 Program is designed to be a tool to track student progress and ultimately give you insight to which students need attention, and which ones need to be pushed a bit! View your students stats and see where each student stacks up from Playing, Training, and Social activity.

Activity Feed & Leaderboard

Building a community isn’t easy, but the Operation 36 Activity Feed and Leaderboard provides an interface for your students to connect and encourage others. Each action logged by students are tracked in your feed and points issued will move them up your public leaderboard. You can like and comment on actions and check in on your point leaders for the week, month, or all time!

Operation 36 Objectives

In the Operation 36 Program there are 6 Levels (Ranks) with 12 objectives for each rank. This is the curriculum for your long-term program. You as a coach can view each via a video in the web app, and are in control of marking objectives complete for your students and progressing them through the levels.

Program Template & Resource Center

Over the last 8 years we have developed lots of templates that are necessary when running a long-term coaching program. Get access to all of our templates, resources, and best practices for you to customize for your academy in the resource center.

Private Student Objectives

(Coming Soon)

While the Op 36 Objectives serve as a standard curriculum for your programs, we understand that each student has personal goals they are working towards. You as a coach can set custom objectives for your students that they will see in their profile and earn points when you mark complete! Gamify your private lessons today with custom objectives.

Look at the value you create for your students

Profile & Progress Tracking

Each of your students will get a custom profile where they can view all of their stats and progression through your coaching program.  Let your students take ownership of their game!

Play, Train, & Social Actions

Your students can log playing, training, and social actions on the app to earn points and track stats on their profile.  Each action is posted in your community feed where friends can like and comment!

Student Objectives

To progress and educate your students they will have access to the Operation 36 objective videos and will see which ones are complete or in progress. They can also view their private objectives.


Coach Web Dashboard

Create Program Groups

Create public and private programming groups to organize your registrations for your classes, matches, and supervised practice.

Approve Op 36 Objectives

Once students have completed objectives, mark them complete in the Web App to send your golfer a push notification, issue them points, and post the announcement to your community activity feed!

View Student Engagement

View your student play, train, and social engagement to ensure you are creating golfers and getting them better.  The reports will alert you which students need attention to save and retain in the game.

View Community Feed

Don’t miss one activity logged by having instant access to your community feed.  Every action logged by your students will come back to your web app.

Email Classes

Need to cancel a class because of weather?  Want to send an update with information on your upcoming programs to current groups?  Email your groups and programs in the web app.

Family & Student Management

Invite families to your community, approve registrations, and view family and student profiles.  Add golfers to your programming groups, and control who has access to the Op 36 Mobile App from your web dashboard.

Coach Mobile App

Leaderboard, Activity, & Stats

Login to your mobile app and view each of your community group activity feeds, leaderboards, and specific student stats like record scores or hours practiced!

Coach Announcements

Lead your community by posting an announcement to the activity feed for your community or specific groups.  Automated push notifications will ensure everyone is is in the loop!

Comment & Like

Let your students know you see their hard work and efforts by liking and comment on their posts in the activity feed.  Your job is to motivate and engage golfers… the mobile platform makes this easy!

Family Web Dashboard

Register for Classes

Families can add golfers to their family and request enrollment in your community classes.  Just send them a private invite to your community!

Family Points & Feed

Families can view all of their golfers activity in a feed by logging into your web community.  They can also work together as a family to accrue family points on their dashboard.

Student Profile & Stats

Families can view their golfers stats by clicking into the web profile.  Parents can find play, train, social, and Op 36 Objective Stats.

Student's Mobile App

Log Play Sessions

Your golfers can earn points by logging all of their play in the app. By logging play actions the app will keep track of record scores from the Operation 36 Divisions as well as recreational or competitive rounds.

Log Train Actions

Your golfers can earn points by logging all of their practice sessions in the app.  By logging train actions the app will keep track of hours practiced in each area of game, as well as total practice sessions.

Log Social Actions

Social Actions are fun challenges your golfers can complete and log throughout the year that are relevant to the golf season!  Soon … you can create your own social actions for your club to drive engagement!

Op 36 Objectives

Students can view objective videos to know what goals they need to accomplish and demonstrate to their coach to rank up.

Activity Feed

Every action your students log are displayed in a social feed to connect golfers and stir engagement.


Students can view the community leaderboard and see where they stack up after earning points for logging actions and completing objectives.