Learn how to plan, market, and execute a successful camp or long-term coaching program

Level 1 Certification

The Level 1 Online Certification contains all the information a coach would need to know to successfully execute a group coaching program using Operation 36. Building a group coaching environment that is not only motivating, but actually gets golfers better is no easy task. In this course we cover the Operation 36 Framework and how all of the pieces fit together to make you look like a rockstar and run a successful class, practice, and match.

  • Building Program Purpose – Creating Golfers
  • Long-Term Coaching Program Essentials
  • The Operation 36 Curriculum
  • Progress Tracking and Testing
  • Training Environments – Challenge Point
  • Training Environments – Gamification
  • Academy Class & Curriculum Delivery

Who is eligible for the Level 1 Certification?

PGA Golf Professionals

PGA Professional’s that are looking to begin your own long-term programs at your facility, but don’t want to dive right into using Operation 36, this certification allows you to get your feet wet.  You can become Level 1 Operation 36 Certified and learn the in’s and out’s of running a successful group coaching program that allows you to track student progress and get golfers better.  After the certification you are eligible to become Level 2 Certified and begin implementing the program right away at your facility!

Golf Management Students

Operation 36 Golf Coaching Programs are the fastest growing long-term program in the world.  If you are a PGA Golf Management Student and want to set yourself apart, we have opened up this online certification to help you show your future employer that you are trained and ready to take on their Operation 36 Program.  If you have never coached juniors or in a group setting, this course will shave years off the learning curve on how to structure an environment that will get golfers better.

  • The Op 36 platform has transformed our junior golf program at Carmel.  With the long-term program in place combining academy classes, supervised practice, and the Op 36 matches - we are developing golfers who want to stick with the game outside of coming to class.  The fact that there is a roadmap laid in front of the junior that will allow them to shoot even par golf makes that goal seem much more achievable.  We feel lucky to be a part of the Op 36 team!

    Maggie Simons, PGA
    Maggie Simons, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Op 36 is how I wish I learned to play golf.

    Lauren Brescacin, PGA of Canada
    Lauren Brescacin, PGA of Canada Assistant Professional
  • Op 36 will no doubt be the flagship for family golf programs around the world.

    Jimmy Hamilton, PGA
    Jimmy Hamilton, PGA Teaching Professional
  • If you're looking to create family golf at your facility, this is the way to do it.

    Christy Longfield, PGA
    Christy Longfield, PGA Director of Instruction
  • I had a mom tell me that Op 36 has transformed her son. Usually he does programs for a week and doesn't want to continue going to class. She said with Op 36, he's excited to show up every week!

    Sarah Bidney, PGA
    Sarah Bidney, PGA Director of Instruction
  • I've been meeting with my PGA members, and can't help but share Op 36 with them.

    Keith Soriano, PGA
    Keith Soriano, PGA Assistant Executive Director, Colorado PGA
  • What a fantastic program.  The kids love it, and so do I.

    Rob Noel, PGA
    Rob Noel, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Operation 36 is a super impressive platform, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

    Kevin Britt, PGA
    Kevin Britt, PGA Director of Instruction
  • Through Op36, we are giving golf professionals a way to have a significant impact at their facility by increasing the number of students in player development and increasing revenue.

    Ryan Dailey
    Ryan Dailey Co-Creator, Operation 36

Note: If you are interested in running Operation 36, we recommend booking a demo first as we offer on-boarding discounts that package Level 1, Level 2, a Custom Brochure, and a support coach to make sure you are a success.

Level 2 Certification

The Level 2 Online Certification covers the execution of the Operation 36 Program. The reason many golf professionals are not successful in creating a motivating long-term environment is due to many small areas that cannot be overlooked. We dive into every area so that you have a strategy to plan, price, market, launch, execute, and close out a full year of group coaching programs!

  • Designing Programs for 4 Stakeholders
  • Assembling Annual Curriculum Planners
  • Assembling Daily Curriculum Planners
  • Assembling Schedule of Events
  • Juniors – Age Vs Skills Grouping
  • Pricing your Programs
  • Marketing your Programs
  • Registration, Billing, & Communication
  • Executing Academy Classes
  • Executing Operation 36 Matches
  • Executing Supervised Practice
  • Closing Semesters & Award Banquets

Who is eligible for the Level 2 Certification?

Certified Level 1 PGA Golf Professionals

The Level 2 Certification is available to Golf Professionals who have completed the Level 1 Certification and are ready to run the Operation 36 Program at their facility. We require a Level 2 Certified Professional to use the program and designed this training for the professional who will be managing the Group Coaching Operation.

Looking for additional education opportunities?


Online education for professionals who believe that creating long-term learning environments and developing skilled golfers is how we save and grow the game.


Level 1 Certification

Program Purpose & Essentials

Get your staff trained on the purpose of your group coaching programs and understand essentials in utilizing Classes, Matches, and Practice to create golfers.

Operation 36 Curriculum

Get your staff trained up on how easy it is to integrate the 6 level program.  Understanding our curriculum lingo and importance of having a curriculum to create and retain golfers.

Testing & Progress Tracking

When you introduce testing and progress tracking of students it needs to be a simple and painless process.  Our systems show your staff on how to test students with ease.

Building Training Environments

Your staff will learn the foundation of creating engaging training environments to ensure you not only have engaged golfers, but each are getting better every class!

Gamification & Challenge Point

Get your staff to become a master of creating engaging macro and micro environments to create golfers at your facility. Understanding core human drives allows us to engage and retain golfers.

Executing Academy Classes

The core of Op 36 Programs are the Academy Class as they are the central location for you to connect your golfers, educate them, challenge them, and test them.  Your staff will learn our simple yet effective design for executing classes.

Level 2 Certification

Group Coaching Business Plan

Learn how to create over $100,000 in group coaching revenue per year coaching less than 20 hours a week!  This can help us add more positions at facilities focused on creating golfers, and raise our professionals salary!

Pricing Your Program

Get ideas on how other are pricing their programs so you can create consistent and predictable revenue that grows year after year.

Marketing Your Academy

You can have the best program in the world, but if people can’t find you, good luck growing it!  Learn from our 8 years of trial and error on the most effective options for filling your programs.

Planning Op 36 Programs

Are you planning to run an 8 week program?  How about a 52 week?  Learn how to plan your entire semester on the front end to know what you are doing down to the minute before you even start!

Executing Op 36 Programs

Once you are planned, learn the tips, tricks, and framework necessary to plan and execute your programs with ease.  There is a lot going on, but actually really simple to run if you follow our proven systems.

Retaining Golfers

Golfer retention is ultimately what grows our game.  Learn the tips and tricks of closing semesters, and steps necessary to ensure they sign back up or get engaged in other programs at the club to ensure high retention!