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Give your golfers the best programs for a fun, measurable journey to
shooting even par (36)

Network founded & led by PGA Professionals Matt Reagan & Ryan Dailey


Golf Facilities
Over 360 Facilities trust Op 36 to help them create golfers, & grow the game.
Proud supporters & honored to be working with LPGA members 

If a beginner walks into your club and wants to learn to play, do you have program they can start that will blow them away?

Operation 36 consists of a network of facilities & professionals that believe in delivering the highest quality player development programs for new and intermediate golfers.

Our programs, tools, resources, and technology save professionals time, while providing golfers with a motivating roadmap to shooting 36 for 9 holes.

Are you offering programs for existing golfers that motivate them to play the game by setting goals & measuring their improvement?

Play & Goal centered programs are the future

  10 Years of R&D led us to conclude that organizing the golfer improvement pathway from GREEN TO TEE 

& centering instruction programs around PLAYING THE GAME should be the industry standard. 

Here are problems it solves:

It makes beginners comfortable on course
"Scaling by Skill" solves pace of play issues
We can organize a fun improvement plan
Golfers see measurable improvement fast
Playing first makes instruction purposeful
Golfers get connected to course, not range
Being play centered actually drives rounds
Rounds drive revenue in all areas of club
Rounds keep facilities and game alive


Golfers want to learn to PLAY the game and have a fun plan to improve.


Center instruction around PLAY, & watch enrollments & rounds grow.


Teach a participant how to PLAY on the course, & you create golfers!

Golf Pros helping Golf Pros grow the game

We are founded and ran by Golf Pros and take pride in Network Support

"I absolutely love the program. It has been a huge success with my programs. What’s the coolest part is it can be used for everyone. Our ladies group loves it."

Meredith Loose 

"We have been using the platform for over 12 months and everyone loves it - adults, juniors & coaches. The support from the corporate office is first class. It should be a consideration for every facility that is serious about growing the game."

Derek Hooper, PGA

"It’s a fantastic program and they’re constantly improving it. Far and away the best money I’ve spent as a Golf Professional."

Kyle Voska, PGA

Easily build programs & measure you are creating golfers

Leverage the platform to easily deliver programs and measure your impact.

Club Management

Let us show you how clearly communicated, play centered instruction programs will consistently grow revenue in every area of the club.

Golf Professionals

Do you run your facilities player development programming & want to save time while enhancing your impact?

Give parents & golfers what they want...

Great communication & knowing you have a clear measurable plan to improve is what golfers expect. 

 Are you able to deliver?

Gamify their Journey

Golfer earn points and badges when they play, train, and complete goals.  Set custom goals for them and track their journey on their profile timeline.

Communicate & Engage

Golfers can see their friends activity and encourage each other.  Email, mobile announcements, push notifications, comment, and like your golfers activity to motivate your tribe.

Track Golfer Progress

All the golfer data is being tracked and is reported to you as a coach. Quickly analyze rounds, training, goals & create printable reports that you can hand golfers/parents to showcase their development.

Facility Mangagers

Do you manage one or multiple golf facilities and want to see the fastest way to grow your club?

Pre-built Programs

Build your own programs, or choose from our proven program templates.  Just one click for marketing materials, video lesson plans, training & resources.

Custom Web & Mobile App

Keep your staff organized, communicate with golfers, easily set goals for golfers, and track their entire improvement journey all in one hub.

Facility Support Network

A full time player development consultant, tech support, and an entire network of pros are here to help your team grow the game.

Staff Video Training

Our training videos and support, make sure no matter what staff members come and go, you always have a trained coach to execute programs.

Op 36 Network Amenities

Join the network and get instant access to our suite of player development tools and resources.

Want to learn more and see a demo of the platform?

Want to save time while also measurably creating golfers?

We want to learn about your programs to see if we can help you create more golfers, save you time, grow your revenue, and grow the game!  Book a consultation to schedule 15 minutes with our team.