How to use Rap Songs & Metaphors to coach junior golfers

May 19, 2017
Matt Reagan, PGA

Alright… so you are gearing up to coach a junior class and you have planned what education you are going to cover, but why are you still second guessing or worrying about the class?  One reason might be that you are unsure of how to connect that education with your audience.

Below you can see a video on how I accomplish this using Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” rap song while teaching Level 2 Posture in our Operation 36 Curriculum.

Since you are an adult, sometimes it is easier to spill the basic boring information and not wrap it in a metaphor that connects.  To become an expert coach you should be wrapping all of your education in metaphors that connect with your audience.  The reason junior coaching seems “harder” to coaches is junior’s have a shorter attention span.  If you do not connect instantly with the group, or give them an activity to do, you will lose them!

Here are three steps to ask yourself before you execute education in your class:

  1. What is the main piece of education we want to deliver in the class today?
  2. Who is my audience?
  3. What is my audience involved in daily and what interests them?

After you ask yourself those 3 questions, spend 2 minutes to find an analogy or metaphor that will connect with your audience.

“Turn Down For What” Example

In the video below you will see how I connected the Operation 36 Level 2 Posture Objective with a group of 7-10 year olds.  I noticed the kids singing Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” regularly in classes and thought it meshed well with our objective.

So this was powerful on two fronts:

  1. CONNECTION: The “Turn Down for What” was an instant connection and they understood what we were looking for right away.
  2. ACTIVITY: It made the juniors a part of the education by requesting them to complete an action when they saw the differences.  They didn’t just sit there and listen to me.

Give the three steps a shot, and post any of your best metaphors you have used as a coach below!


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