10 Ways Operation 36 Can Enhance Your Player Development Programs

October 23, 2017
Matt Reagan, PGA

The feedback from our 150 golf facilities and 5500+ golfers has really shaped our decisions on where the Operation 36 program and software platform are heading for 2018.

For facilities, the software is evolving into a central hub where professionals can run their own programs, or utilize turn-key programs like Operation 36. There are also some neat features coming to provide an even more engaging end-user experience for golfers!

Below are 10 ways we have found that our team/platform can help save your staff time, increase your revenue, and create lots of happy golfers at your facility:


Gamify Your Programs
Gamify your current programs by allowing golfers to earn points for playing, practicing, and achieving objectives in your programs. Create challenges for golfers by adding leaderboards and a social activity feed where all golfers can see where they stack up for the week, month and all time.

Turn-Key Adult and Junior Programs
Save your staff hours of planning by using our pre-built camp and long-term programs.  We have the business models, marketing templates, and video lesson plans already assembled for your staff.  Integrate plans right into your current programs.

Facility & Coaching Revenue Growth 
Does your staff have 3-15 hours a week you can dedicate to coaching? Operation 36 has a proven program blueprint to generate between $10,000 - $100,000+ in coaching revenue while increasing facility spend over 20%.

Operation 36 | 6 Level Curriculum
If you don't have a long-term curriculum use the turn-key 72 objective videos and issue your adults and juniors badges as they progress towards shooting par or better for 9 holes!

Build Your Own Curriculum 
Already running programs like PGA Junior League or Get Golf Ready? In 2018 you can build your own curriculum, create badges and track progress by gamifying your golfers learning in the mobile and web app.

Communicate With Golfers & Families
Outside of commenting in the activity feed on golfers actions, coaches can choose specific programs to send push notification, post to feed, and send emails right from the mobile or web app.

Create Custom Objectives
In 2018 private lesson notes are getting a makeover by allowing you to quickly create custom objectives for your golfers that they can view in mobile app.  Golfers earn points when they come back to next lesson and you mark it complete.

Track Golfers Progress & Automate Engagement
Each golfer gets their own profile where you can view rounds logged, practice sessions, badges earned, and stats like record scores and actions at facility.  The app integrates perfectly with normal yardages as well as the Operation 36 Playing Format.

Staff Training Resources
What happens when your staff member who led your player development program moves to a new facility?  We got you covered with free online video training that can get any staff member up to speed in just under a couple hours.

Support Network & Program Consultants
Ever wish you had a dedicated player development staff on your team?  That is what we are here for.  Your staff can jump on our free webinars, connect with other golf professionals using the platform, chat live, or call our support team with questions anytime.

At the end of the day if we can save golf professionals time, increase their instruction revenue, increase facility revenue, all the while creating new happy golfers, then we see that as a winning formula for growing the game!

Please reach out if we can ever be of assistance.

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