Operation 36 & PGA Junior Golf Camps Form Strategic Partnership

November 11, 2017
Matt Reagan, PGA

Operation 36 and PGA Junior Golf Camps are excited to partner to help golf facilities create more golfers and grow the game. Professionals are saying this is one of the most powerful strategic player development partnerships for facilities to not only introduce new juniors to the game, but retain and develop them into life-long golfers.

PGA Junior Golf Camps are the leader in introducing new junior golfers to the game through summer and holiday camps programs at facilities across the US. Through their marketing and outstanding support, they provide a turn-key solution for facilities who are looking to fill their summer camps with new local golfers.

"I could not be more excited about our partnership with Op 36. With this new relationship, our PGA camp directors can now offer an amazing retention program with very little heavy lifting. We have always professed the need for our PGA Member partners to have a program like this set up post camp, so we can keep these kids engaged in the game. With this relationship, I am confident that not only can we attract more kids to golf, but can keep them playing for years to come! "
- Marc Haddad, PGA Junior Golf Camps

Operation 36 has always been focused on the post camp experience for retaining and developing golfers for the long-term in the sport. Golf facilities in the Operation 36 Network offer families a complete player development platform to retain and progress golfers of all ages and abilities for the long-term. The platform consists of turn-key programming, software to engage golfers, communicate and track progress, as well a support network to help facilities create active life-long golfers.

"We have one chance to hook these new golfers into the sport. We are excited to be partnering with PGA Junior Golf Camps because of the amount of new families they will be bringing to the game. There are 2 big challenges we see facilities face when it comes to growing family golf. The first is getting new families to the golf facility with introductory programs which PGA Junior Golf Camps does so well. The second is retaining those golfers and providing a long-term plan for development and connection in the sport. Our sweet spot at Operation 36 is retaining and providing a long-term roadmap for golfers that shows measurable improvement."
- Matt Reagan & Ryan Dailey | Founders, Operation 36 Golf

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