Step 1 to Growing Your Golf Instruction Programs

December 12, 2017
Matt Reagan, PGA

Meet Susan.  Susan has a 6, 8, and 12-year-old that she will do anything for when it comes to after school and summer activities.  Her kids are the center of her world and her personal activities are dictated by theirs.  Ever since she had her first child, there was a budget for daycare. That budget has continued for each junior and has now evolved to be used for extracurricular activities.

December hits, and Susan realizes that she needs to evaluate afterschool and summer programs for her kids. She begins her research first by asking other parents at holiday parties what activities their juniors are doing.  She then explores local basics like… gymnastics… dance... programs. She also asks her kids what they are interested in doing, which is heavily influenced by what their friends are doing.

Are your golf programs coming up in conversation?

Are your golf programs being talked about by families at holiday parties? Do they create a buzz? Are the juniors telling their parents their friends are doing golf?  Do you have your schedule together so they can enquire and register now?  Do you have a weekly long-term program they can plug into now, or do they need to wait until summer?

Our team at Operation 36 speaks with professionals everyday about the importance of getting next year’s entire schedule planned now and marketing materials done!  When parents are on the information search, we need to make the list, and trust me it is starting earlier and earlier each year!  To grow the game and maximize engagement at your facility we recommend starting with juniors because they are not only the future of the sport, but they dictate the parent’s schedule as well.

Golf needs to become a weekly program at every golf facility

The number one myth we hear golf pros say, is “our kids are so active in other sports, a weekly program just won’t fit”.  That is BS!  The reason kids are in other activities is because we have to first offer a weekly program and second, it has to be more engaging than other sports.  It is up to us as professionals to make golf a weekly afterschool sport, but it starts with at least offering weekly programs consistently.

Step 1 - Plan your programs schedules and start marketing now:

Step 1 to growing your player development programs are to get golf on your parents schedule for 2018 now and get your juniors enrolled.  Once juniors begin to participate, you can begin to layer in adult player development programs to give permission to participate together and BOOM! The game grows.  This may be a simple concept, but if we don’t start now, other sports will always trump golf.  The environment for learning needs to be there year-round.

Are your programs planned?  Are they organized?  Do you have marketing materials together?  Are your lesson plans ready to go?  If not … now is the time my fellow pros!  The game and your business are not going to grow itself.  Lets work together and raise our standards to make golf the #1 sport in the world.

Our team at Op 36 is here to help:
If your facility wants help getting your current programs (camps and clinics) organized and planned for the entire season fill out the form below or email  We can help you take your existing programs and assemble in your own custom web community to ultimately save your staff time while increasing value for you, your facility and your families.

Are you looking to integrate a fresh program in 2018? Contact us and one of our Player Development Consultants can help you plug in pre-built programs with just a few clicks.  We help you market, plan, deliver, organize, communicate, engage, and track golfer progress in your own custom web community.  All lesson plans are available so your team will know what you are doing for every session down to the minute.

Give us a shout at for more information.  We are here to help you create more golfers, measure your impact, and ultimately grow the game!

Want to save time while also measurably creating golfers?

We want to learn about your programs to see if we can help you create more golfers, save you time, grow your revenue, and grow the game!  Book a consultation to schedule 15 minutes with our team.
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