Operation 36 Signs 300 facilities Worldwide

April 4, 2018
Matt Reagan, PGA

PGA professionals, Matt Reagan and Ryan Dailey, who also run the iGrow Golf Academies in the Triangle and Wake Forest areas, have been developing Operation 36 since 2010.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be connecting with facilities that also believe high quality player development programs are the future of growing the game. Ryan and I have always thought that to truly grow the game there were two pieces we were missing. First, we needed to redesign the introduction to the game to make golfers feel competent on the course right away. Second, we need to have a long-term improvement pathway in place so golfers know there is a plan to improve and don’t feel lost in their journey.”

With over 300 facilities already signed to the network in early 2018, Operation 36 is projecting to reach over 20,000 golfers in 2018! Notable facilities in the Operation 36 Network include: Pinehurst Country Club, Baltusrol Country Club, Dallas Athletic Club and many others.

For the player, Operation 36 is a program that challenges golfers to shoot 36 or better starting close to the hole and progressing further back as their skills develop. All goals and progress is tracked in a gamified mobile/web app, to motivate golfers to stay on pace with their development.

For the golf professionals, it is access to an entire golf program builder, including a curriculum with lessons for camps, clinics and long-term programs for all ages and abilities. All their players data is tracked so the professional is equipped to help golfers overcome obstacles and continue improving year after year.



“Through our curriculum and technology we can help organize the player development experience and provide a measurable pathway for any age or skill to progress in the sport.

We have one chance to hook a new golf participant on the sport, which is why our program is centered around playing the game and connecting golfers in group training environments. Ryan and I are looking forward to bringing more of the vision to life.”

Matt Reagan, PGA | Operation 36 Co-Founder

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