Letter from Founders, Matt Reagan and Ryan Dailey

September 20, 2018
Matt Reagan, PGA

Thank you. Since the inception of Operation 36, our mission was to grow the game by assembling a network of facilities who believe in delivering the highest quality player development programs to create new life-long golfers. We are really proud of our network’s efforts to be the best, and cannot thank you enough for your belief in us so far.

Network Growth - We have reached 340 facilities

As our network grows, it is important to maintain the quality of the programs that you have worked hard to develop, and for us internally to continue enhancing the support, resources, marketing and technology you need to be successful. We want to ensure Operation 36 is a symbol that will brand you as the professionals who care about a golfers development, and are running the highest quality long-term programs in your area. To accomplish this, we need to continue to grow, but it is important to us that we grow the right way.

The growth of the network is important on two fronts. The first is if we truly want to create golfers and grow the game, we need as many professionals as possible working together to accomplish this. Second, the more we grow, the more resources we have to accelerate the technology, training, and level of support we can provide you. Our mission is to continue to drive more value to your team & save you time, while increasing value to the golfers you reach. We are not backed by any large organization or investors, which allows us to move fast and let you be the voice of where we go next.

Managing our Growth

Having said that, scaling the network is a delicate area for us. On one side, we never want to stop any club from bettering their programs to grow the game. On the other, we do not want to devalue the network for those who are doing an unbelievable job, and living up to the standard that we have all set together. With that said, as of August 1st, 2018, we began instituting two new policies that will allow us to continue to work closer with you, and allow our network to shape the vision and where we go together.


1. Application Process

First, we have instituted a new application process to learn more about a new facilities beliefs, and vision for their player development programs. These applications will be first vetted by our team, to ensure they are looking to enhance their programs for the right reasons.

2. Facilities Must Be Sponsored

Second, we are asking that all new facilities be sponsored or referred by a network facility. In this manner, we will look to you to decide who joins the mission. We feel that our network has a much better idea of what we believe in, and only want others in the network who feel the same way. If you do sponsor a facility, we may reach out to learn more about the possible candidate. All we ask that in the spirit of the network’s mission that you be a helpful advisor for the facility to share what worked with your club.

Our Network Vision

Our vision is that in 3-5 years from now when the NGF is showing an increase in rounds and golfers, you can sit back and smile when you can pull up your portal, and look at how many skilled golfers you created that led to the unprecedented growth. As always, we appreciate your loyalty to the network and all you do to create golfers and grow the game. We can feel the traction in the industry and it is because of your efforts, feedback, and support.

Our new mobile app will be releasing over the coming months with many other exciting updates that will save you time, drive value to your golfers and most importantly, be able to showcase the efforts your are taking to create golfers and grow the game.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email us at Support@Op36golf.com, and we will do our best to address your concerns in a timely manner. Please leverage your Player Development Consultant for any programming or tech help, and we appreciate all feedback that you provide. Here is to a great Fall!


Matt Reagan, PGA | CEO & Co-Founder

Ryan Dailey, PGA | President & Co-Founder

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