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Tackle your beginner group coaching programs by providing a fun, measurable road-map to shooting even par for 9 holes.

Integrate 10 years of research, proven programs, technology, training, & a support team that will help you provide your golfers with a measurable roadmap to shooting even par (36)

We get it, Pro

Your team wants to deliver quality instructional programs that create new golfers, improve existing golfers, & ultimately grow the game, but....

You have no time

You are spread too thin at the club & have no time to build programs they way you want them.

Your time is valuable

You want to make sure your programs are worth your time, but also valuable to golfers.

You want it to work

You fear putting in programming that does not work or is not proven, as it can be timely & costly.

You want trained staff

You want staff to be trained on executing quality instruction programs regardless of position.

You want organization 

You want your staff on the same page and don't want to worry about what your teaching that day.

You want to measure

You want to show your impact, value to golfers & facility, but lack the tools to measure easily.

How would you do it?

What if you had 5 years to progress 1000 beginner golfers to shooting even Par (36) for 9 holes... how would you do it?

Our Network's Mission 

We believe every facility should offer new and existing golfers with fun programs & technology that can guide them on their journey to shooting par (36) or better.  We aim to align with facilities who want to contribute to a platform that measurably improves golfers, while saving time, & driving revenue to you and your facility. If your team cares about measurably creating golfers and growing the game, we want you to join the mission!
Network founded & led by PGA Professionals Matt Reagan & Ryan Dailey


Golf Facilities
Over 400 Facilities trust Op 36 to help them create golfers, & grow the game.
Proud supporters & honored to be working with LPGA members 

Golf Pros helping Golf Pros grow the game

We are founded and ran by Golf Pros and take pride in Network Support

"I can’t say enough good about the program… Our kids and parents absolutely love it!"

Stooksbury, PGA

"Best program out there. I use it for Juniors, my adult classes and my summer programs. I have quadrupled my group income from this program"

Crowley, LPGA

"There is nothing out there that’s even close to it. It’s TRUE player development and revenue generation."

Soriano, PGA

Over 400 facilities trust the Operation 36 Network to help them 

create more golfersdrive revenue, and grow the game.

How do we help pros?

Each Operation 36 Network Facility is assigned a full-time Player Development Coach, and given access to a custom player development portal & community based mobile app. The web portal houses the training, tools, & pre-built programs for your team.  The mobile app provides your golfers with a gamified goal setting experience to socially track their journey to shooting even par through the 10 Operation 36 on-course divisions.

Join the Network to save your team time, increase revenue, and measurably grow the game.


What would it feel like to have marketing materials and lesson plans for all your classes done? Just choose the programs that work for your club and click build! In less than 10 minutes you can be ready.


Set up your class with confidence! Class is at 4:00 PM! It's 3:30... what do you do? Easy, you open the app and check your video lesson plan timeline for the day! What's even better is every program we design is to charge golfers less, while maximizing your teams $$ per hour.


Look like a rockstar at the end of the season by printing golfer progress reports and showing families their return on investment! When your golf facility wants to know your value as a pro, just head to reports tab and showcase the facility impact of your instruction programs. 

Join the Op 36 Network today

How it works

1. Book Consultation

Book Consultation to talk with one of our Player Development Consultants.  We want to learn more about your current programs, and showcase an online demo of the platform to see if we can help you achieve your club growth goals.

2. Apply for Network

If your team sees value in enhancing your current programming, and believe in measurably creating golfers, then there is a short application to fill out.  This is to ensure our beliefs align, and we want to ensure we can help you achieve your goals.

3. Set Start Date & Get Portal Login

After you have been approved, we will set a start date and reserve a short block of time to get your team set up with your Op 36 Custom Portal.  Your personal player development consultant will guide you through using the app, and how best to build a program to get started right away.   

4. Build a Program & Start Registration

Once your program is built and your marketing materials are done, you can begin hosting golfer registration and adding golfers to your portal.  As your golfers are added, they will get emails on how to use the Op 36 mobile App and start logging their golf improvement actions at the club!  It's that simple!

5. Execute Programs!  

It's go time!  Your staffs video lesson plans are waiting and accessible via mobile device to run classes.  Review golfer goals, like, comment & track all golfer activity to motivate the golfers who are taking action to improve their game.  Finally report on your community activity, to showcase your facility impact and golf improvement impact.  Your team can measurably see how many golfers are being created at your club right on the dashboard of your portal.  How many golfers will your team create and improve this year?

Ready to learn more?

Book Consultation

What if I lose a staff member, or our pros needs help?

We take pride in our support & believe every facility should have a Player Development Consultant.

Dedicated Player Development Consultant

Each facility is assigned a dedicated player development consultant. They are experts in building programs and showing your staff how to best leverage the Op 36 tools and resources.  Schedule a call Monday - Friday (9:00 AM-5:00 PM EST) with your consultant.

The Op 36 Network Facebook Support Group

Have programming questions and want to get some feedback from multiple sources? Have your team join the Op 36 Network Support Group and get answers from 100's of Pros in the network that are leveraging the same programming and tools.

Tech Support &
Resource Center

Each account is given access to our resource center, video training, and tutorials. If you can't find an answer to your tech questions, simply email Support@Op36Golf.com or jump on our Live Chat for some quick help.

Are you interested in seeing a platform demo & exploring if your facility would be a good fit for the network?

There is a nice social aspect to the classes, where juniors can meet other kids and make new friends, while also providing a fun outdoor activity to keep kids active doing a sport they love. The Op 36 Team have been great at keeping consistent updates to help us keep the program streamlined, and the technical support has been amazing. 

Since we started the program, we have seen our numbers just about double semester after semester. We had a record number of juniors come through our program in 2017, and in 2018 we smashed that record and doubled our numbers from the previous year! 

We have seen our participation rate increase so much that we built a state-of-the-art indoor teaching facility that we can use year-round. So far it's been a great success, and we hope to see those numbers increase year after year to ensure the success of the sport."

Nick Savage

General Manager
Lit'l Links Golf Club

Would you be interested in spending a day with the Op 36 Co-founders to learn 10 years of lessons?

Want to save time while also measurably creating golfers?

We want to learn about your programs to see if we can help you create more golfers, save you time, grow your revenue, and grow the game!  Book a consultation to schedule 15 minutes with our team.