Pre-built Programs

Build your own programs, or choose from our proven program templates.  Just one click for marketing materials, video lesson plans, training & resources.

Custom Web & Mobile App

Keep your staff organized, communicate with golfers, easily set goals for golfers, and track their entire improvement journey all in one hub.

Facility Support Network

A full time player development consultant, tech support, and an entire network of pros are here to help your team grow the game.

Staff Video Training

Our training videos and support, make sure no matter what staff members come and go, you always have a trained coach to execute programs.

Op 36 Network Amenities

Join the network and get instant access to our suite of player development tools and resources.

Want to learn more and see a demo of the platform?

How much time do you spend creating 
materials & planning activities for classes?

Build programs 
with just a click

Wouldn't it be great if before the season even starts, your marketing materials were done, and every group class was planned with video lessons plans in one hub for your entire staff?

Build your own programs or choose from our suite of pre-built programs. One click and all your video lesson plans, custom marketing pieces, staff training, and resources are centralized in one hub for your staff.

Program Templates

We provide our proven New Golfer Bootcamp, Op 36 Weekly Academy, and Summer Camp Program that have video lesson plans and marketing templates in just a click!

Lesson Plan Builder

Plan each class by dragging video activities, education, and notes right into a timeline so your coaches are all on the same page with each class before the season starts.

Drills & Activities Database

Our crowdsources drills and activities database allows you to share and borrow from the best golfers activities from pros in the network. Over 100+ and growing weekly!

Marketing Materials, Resources & training

The final tab of your program houses all the training, marketing materials and resources you will need throughout the program.

Proven Program Template Library

Build your own program or choose from the library of pre-built programs .

New Golfer Bootcamp

The New Golfer Bootcamp is a 4 Hour experience exclusively for new golfers that will help you take the apprehensive newbie and turn you them into competent golfers.
For Juniors (7+) & Adults
New Golfers only

Op 36 Weekly Academy

The Op 36 Weekly Academy take the traditional clinic to the next level.  Progress golfers through the 6 Level Op 36 Curriculum by hosting weekly academy classes and Op 36 Matches at your facility.
For Juniors (7+) & Adults
Beginner - Advanced

Targeted Camps & Instruction Events

Summer camps and instruction events are a great way to increase engagement, and starting points for golfers to get connected to the game.
For Juniors (7+) & Adults
Beginner - Intermediate

Partner Programs

We are very fortunate to be working with the best minds in golf who truly care about on the Long-Term Development of Golfers. Their programs are also available in the Op 36 Portal.

PGA Junior Golf Camps

The PGA Junior Golf Camps offered weeklong day camps in partnership with PGA Professionals at over 125 locations across the country in 2018. They manage all the administrator needs for your summer camps (sales, marketing, registration, billing and customer service)! If you are signed up with PGAJGC, you can quickly build your lesson plans and use the Op 36 Platform to communicate and begin tracking that golfer's journey.
For Juniors 6+
Beginner - Intermediate

How do you engage your golfers & organize your staff?

The Mobile & Web App is designed to make it easy for your team

Engage your golfers

Issue & review custom goals on golfer profile

View Program Leaderboard & Feeds

Let points & badges motivate your golfers

Organize your team

View class video lesson plans right in your pocket

Send emails or post announcement on feed 

Comment & "Golf Clap" on your golfers actions

How are you measuring golfer progress & your facility impact?

Start measuring you are creating golfers & facility impact

The Op 36 Platform was designed to be the first of it's kind to help you track & report on your golfers development, while showing your facility the impact and value of your program efforts.

Community Skill Pipeline

The Community Skill Pipeline organizes your golfers by the yardage division they are working on to shoot 36 for 9 holes.  Easily see which players need some attention to help get them to their next milestone!

View Golfer Stats

All your golfers rounds and stats are coming back to your players profile.  You can run reports to compare your students, or dive into rounds and the stats from each Op 36 division.

Engagement & Community Reports

Being able to see how engaged your golfers are is essential to know who you need to reach out to and keep motivated.  Easily see the last time golfers, played, trained, and accomplished a goal.

Printable Golfer Journey Report

Create a printable report you can had parents and golfers to review their on-course journey.  The Op 36 data, will automatically populate if they are ahead or behind the standard, and gives you tools to help make plans to improve.

Introduce new golfers the right way & crush your Golf Programs this season!

Give golfers & parents what they want...

Great communication & knowing you have a clear measurable plan to improve is what golfers expect. 

 Are you able to deliver?

Gamify their Journey

Golfer earn points and badges when they play, train, and complete goals.  Set custom goals for them and track their journey on their profile timeline.

Communicate & Engage

Golfers can see their friends activity and encourage each other.  Email, mobile announcements, push notifications, comment, and like your golfers activity to motivate your tribe.

Track Golfer Progress

All the golfer data is being tracked and is reported to you as a coach. Quickly analyze rounds, training, goals & create printable reports that you can hand golfers/parents to showcase their development.

How would you do it?

What if you had 5 years to progress 1000 beginner golfers to shooting even Par (36) for 9 holes... how would you do it?

Our Network's Mission 

We believe every facility should offer new and existing golfers with fun programs & technology that can guide them on their journey to shooting par (36) or better.  We aim to align with facilities who want to contribute to a platform that measurably improves golfers, while saving time, & driving revenue to you and your facility. If your team cares about measurably creating golfers and growing the game, we want you to join the mission!

Don't get to the end of next season

and feel the same way you do right now. We are here to help guide you to make a change!


What would it feel like to have marketing materials and lesson plans for all your classes done? Just choose the programs that work for your club and click build! In less than 10 minutes you can be ready.


Set up your class with confidence! Class is at 4:00 PM! It's 3:30... what do you do? Easy, you open the app and check your video lesson plan timeline for the day! What's even better is every program we design is to charge golfers less, while maximizing your teams $$ per hour.


Look like a rockstar at the end of the season by printing golfer progress reports and showing families their return on investment! When your golf facility wants to know your value as a pro, just head to reports tab and showcase the facility impact of your instruction programs. 

Want to save time while also measurably creating golfers?

We want to learn about your programs to see if we can help you create more golfers, save you time, grow your revenue, and grow the game!  Book a consultation to schedule 15 minutes with our team.
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